Compiling and Installing The Latest Xorg 7.2

If that’s not enough for you, this guide will take you through the steps of installing the latest Xorg 7.2 server. I needed to do this as well to get my new 965GM chipset working.

  1. Uninstall you’re old version of xorg (removepkg) packages are located in /var/log/packages
  2. Download the new packages. I got my packages from the pinki1 build. Don’t download the auto script it will not work for you, trust me.
  3. I downloaded them all to /var/log/packages then installed them (installpkg)
  4. Add:
  5. /usr/X11R7/lib to /etc/

    Add /usr/X11R7/bin to the PATH variable
    Note: you can also edit /etc/profile and find the lan that says:


    And change X11R6 to X11R7

  6. Now is the time to install any graphic drivers if you happen to be using the lintel drivers you can find the install directions from: and the actual drivers from
  7. Change all the fontpaths in /etc/X11/xorg.conf from
  8. /X11R6 to /X11R7
  9. Change your fontpaths in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf:
  10. /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF

    might be changed to

  11. Install these packages:

    Note: Change xcb-proto to xcb-proto.tgz so you can install it:

    # mv xcb-proto xcb-proto.tgz
  13. Run /usr/X11R6/bin/fc-cache -f from root and user if you have another account.
  14. Congratulations you’re now running xorg 7.2

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Satu Tanggapan to “Compiling and Installing The Latest Xorg 7.2”

  1. denis Says:

    aku sangat suka backtrack2,dah beberapa hari ini aku mencoba menginstalnya,tapi eroorr mulu.labtopku acer aspire 4520,tolong dong beri pencerahan,hampir putus asa ne,mohon bantuannya(krmim tutorialnya ke email aku)

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