Compiling ALSA

“ALSA (an acronym for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) is a Linux kernel module that replaces several different kernel drivers for sound cards with a single device driver which handles the diversity of sound cards internally. Some of the goals of the ALSA project were to support automatic configuration of sound card hardware, and graceful handling of multiple sound devices in a system, goals which it has largely met.

  1. Unpack the source:
  2. # bunzip2 alsa-driver* && tar -xvf alsa-driver*
  3. Change to the new directory:
  4. # cd alsa*
  5. Configure and compilation alsa:
  6. # ./configure && make
  7. Begin install:
  8. # make install
  9. If your card is supported(, run ‘alsaconf’ and follow the directions:
  10. # alsaconf
  11. Then, to configure sound and mixer options:
  12. # alsamixer

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2 Tanggapan to “Compiling ALSA”

  1. sm0k3 Says:

    I am having problems when following these instructions. Can someone please leave more detailed information?

  2. denis Says:

    aku sangat suka backtrack2,dah beberapa hari ini aku mencoba menginstalnya,tapi eroorr mulu.labtopku acer aspire 4520,tolong dong beri pencerahan,hampir putus asa ne,mohon bantuannya(krmim tutorialnya ke email aku)

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